For many of us it’s hard to imagine what daily life is like without enough food.

But for those in remote, conflict-ridden or disaster-hit areas, it’s not a matter of discomfort but survival.
Malnourished children who go untreated face long-term physical and mental damage and, in severe cases, even death. These children, and other family members who are malnourished, need high-quality nutrients to not only survive, but to thrive.

This is where we come in.

Emergency Food

In times of disaster and crisis we supply immediate nutrition support and follow-up care for those who are malnourished. Our teams also provide nutrition programming to refugees and displaced people seeking refuge in camps and informal tented settlements.


Dietary Diversification

We teach people in places like remote areas of Afghanistan how to grow their own kitchen gardens; bringing people joy as they learn to provide their families with more healthy food options in otherwise extremely limited diets. We also educate communities on the importance of breastfeeding and feeding children a well-balanced diet.

Food Security 

Because of sudden conflict, poverty, and environmental factors such as floods and droughts, many farming families struggle to grow enough food to last through the entire year. Medair helps rural communities in places like Afghanistan develop and implement plans to cope with these shocks that put their lives and livelihoods at risk.

Our Impact


children screened for malnutrition in Afghanistan


people received supplemental feeding in South Sudan


children treated for acute malnutrition in Syria

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Angar doubled her weight in 60 days!

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