Get involved with our fundraising efforts

By raising awareness and encouraging your community to support Medair,
you are a change maker,
an ambassador of hope

“Medair is uniquely positioned to bring the tangible love of Christ to people who are in dire circumstances, and to administer aid in an informed, responsible way. We have been blessed to partner with Medair in its mission.”

— Jacob & Morgan F., Alabama, USA

Fundraising Opportunities

  • “Minimizing for Medair” —  One day a week for one month go without a convenience or guilty pleasure and donate the money you would have spent. Whether it’s forgoing an afternoon latte, having a simple meal at home instead of eating out, or checking out a book from the library instead of purchasing it, each act furthers your solidarity with vulnerable families and communities.
  • Host a charity poker tournament
  • Seek community sponsorship for your next run/walk/ride/hike
  • Donate your birthday, anniversary, or add Medair to your gift registry
  • “Medair Meal” — Host a dinner and invite a current or former Medair staff member to speak at the party.

"We enthusiastically support Medair because we know our contribution will be directed towards helping people in the greatest need around the world. We have been impressed with the dedication and commitment to excellence we have seen at every level of Medair’s organization." – McDonough Family, Massachusetts, USA

Philanthropic Opportunities

  • Create a Social Venture group to learn more about humanitarian aid and what it means to invest in Medair
  • “Adopt a Country Team” —  Send cards and care packages to Medair staff who are spending the holidays in the field away from their families.

For more opportunities contact: