Malaria. Pneumonia. Malnutrition. Measles. Complications from childbirth. These are some of the worst killers on earth. But they don’t have to be.

With proper health care and nutrition, they can be treated. With sufficient resources, they can often be prevented.
For nearly three decades, Medair has tackled the world’s deadliest preventable health problems, providing vital health care and nutrition services to families in remote and devastated communities.

Here’s how we make a difference.

Respond to Health Emergencies

Health care is often one of the first services crippled or destroyed during disasters, conflict or crises. With your support, Medair is able to fill the gap. Teams of doctors, nurses and health professionals respond to disease outbreaks such as cholera, measles and Ebola, as well as food crises that cause severe malnutrition. Our teams are also able to set up emergency health clinics and mobile nutrition sites in crucial places such as refugee camps or settlements for displaced people, where the influx of people overwhelms local health services. Medair can quickly scale-up our response to carry out mass vaccination campaigns for diseases such as measles and cholera to prevent or stop the spread of outbreaks. In times of disaster and crisis, we provide preventative services and long-term health solutions such as health care, better hygiene, improved access to safe water, and nutrition education to communities in need.


Support & Strengthen Health Clinics

We support year-round health clinics so families have regular access to primary health care, obstetrics care, and nutrition services. Medair works alongside authorities to strengthen regional and national health systems, and to build up the skills of local health workers with training and supervision so that communities will continue receiving improved health care in the future, long after we leave.

Preventive Care

We provide preventative health care, including vaccinating children and pregnant women against common diseases, and promoting good health and hygiene practices.

Our Impact


patients treated at 5 Medair-supported health clinics in Syria


children vaccinated against measles in Somalia


patient consultations at Medair-supported health clinics in DR Congo

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