Jordan has welcomed more than 650,000 Syrian refugees, and with its scarce natural resources, is struggling to carry the heavy burden of hosting such an inflated population.

Dwindling funds and support from foreign governments has led to a dangerous lack of life-saving services. Some refugees feel they have little choice but to return to the dangers of Syria or risk migrating overseas.

This is where we come in.

Most Syrian refugees live outside the formal camps, dispersed throughout the country in apartments, garages, or empty shops rented from Jordanian owners. The cost of living in Jordan is very high and many refugees are unable to pay for rent or other expenses such as food, education or health care. Most Syrians cannot legally earn an income in Jordan, making it extremely difficult for them to live in the country without assistance, or they work while fearful of being deported back to Syria. Besides these physical needs, Syrian refugees also face psychological challenges. Many suffered trauma when they fled from Syria, and life in Jordan places enormous pressure on them.


How We Help

Health Care

A network of trained community health volunteers visit refugees in their homes and promote good health, hygiene, and nutrition practices among refugees. We increase access and strengthen support services for trauma victims and for women and girls affected by gender-based violence. Medair also provides financial support to pregnant women for their deliveries, as well as to vulnerable Syrians for emergency surgeries and other health related issues.


Psychosocial Support

Medair runs programs that bring groups of 12-15 Syrian refugees (women and men separately) together for 8 sessions over 12 weeks. During these sessions group memebers share about their experiences, address the stresses and trauma encountered while they were in Syria, and learn strategies about how to cope with their situation as a refugee.

Cash Assistance

Medair helps families improve their living conditions by providing cash assistance, which allows them to pay for rent or make purchases to meet their most urgent needs. During the winter season, we provide one-time cash grants for families to buy winterization supplies such as heaters and blankets.

Legal Aid

Medair conducts legal awareness workshops to inform Syrian refugees about their rights in Jordan and what is required to comply with Jordanian regulations.

Our Impact

direct beneficiaries


families received cash assistance to meet basic needs


adults and children received cash for health assistance to access essential health care


caregivers trained in infant and young child feeding practices

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