On September 28th, a 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia triggering a tsunami and landslides, all with devastating consequences.

On Friday, 28 September a 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia with devastating consequences. Triggered by the earthquake, a deadly and destructive tsunami hit land at a speed of 800 kph with waves of up to six metres high. Over 2000 people have died, with hundreds still missing.

More than 67,000 houses have been severely damaged or destroyed by the earthquake, tsunami and resulting landslides of liquified earth, leaving some 330,000 people without adequate shelter. Around 62,400 people have been displaced by the disaster and are staying in temporary sites with limited access to life-saving services.

What Medair is doing

Medair’s emergency response team is currently in Sulawesi, working with local partners and authorities to assess the situation. The most urgent needs are shelter, clean water, sanitation, food, and psychological support for those who have lost everything.


"It is a race against the clock. We are facing severe access constraints but we are doing everything in our power to reach the worst-hit, most remote communities on the island with life-saving aid as soon as possible." William Anderson, Medair’s Emergency Response Team Leader

What you can do

We need your help today to reach the victims of this disaster – men, women, and children who in a split-second lost everything.

Your gift today of $100 or of any amount will be used to meet the most urgent needs in Indonesia and other ongoing emergencies.

Stand with those suffering in the wake of this disaster. Please join us in praying for the tens of thousands of people affected and for our team working tirelessly under difficult circumstances.